When you hide emotions

Words of mouth articulate them though,Emotions pop up from our heart;Some of them may please the listener,While others hurt people like a dart. More than often, we feel crushed,When our mind intervenes effectively;To express them or not at anyMoment, needs to be handled diplomatically. Hidden emotions can’t be secured forLong within the four corners of heart;Venting is desired from time to time,Or it may upset … Continuă să citești When you hide emotions

Life and death

Life and death are the two facetsOf eternal conflict raging into our mindsAnd hearts tormenting us untilDeath snatches life all of sudden,In a silent manner leaving before our soulThe option to find a new home; So, death personifies life in another form,When our soul enters a new body,Succumbing to the cycle of birth and rebirth; Sometimes even life personifies the death,For whom the bell tolls,Living … Continuă să citești Life and death

Flights of fancy

Everyday, the golden dawn gatecrashesThe sanctum sanctorum of my heart,Goading me to chase the flying birds ofPassion; the time river quietly flows,Reflecting the sunshine of ever-cherished hopeOf getting somebody’s love in abundance; My body, slender and loving, is yearningTo indulge wholeheartedly in the cosmicDance where the nature, earth and theWhole universe are dancing to theRhythmic tunes played by the quintessentialPied Piper, the invisible musician, whoGuides … Continuă să citești Flights of fancy

Word Power

Words springing forth from our mouth,Without using the depth of mind,Often act like speed – breakers sharp,In the path of life, being unkind. Words are often spewed like shell fire,When we react in uncharitable mode;Brain power remains dormant for a while,As we deliberately break the decency code. Words may sound trivial or superfluous,To the listener gazing in silence;But our words cut down to size,Our stature … Continuă să citești Word Power

Everybody wants to win

Everybody loves to climbThe ladder of success everytime;Nobody wants to cross the shadow,Of frightening failure in lifetime. Life is a battle prolongedTo be fought with wisdom great;We get absorbed in wishful thinking,To achieve success at any rate. The taste of failure, big or small,Pinches us with the pain infinite;We take failure like a bad dream,Looming large in the core of eyes. Success and failure represent … Continuă să citești Everybody wants to win

My World is a Hollow Bottle

My world is a spreadsheet of life,Tucked up inside a bottle,Thoroughly squeezed where my pent upEmotions keep hovering, touching the bottleneck-Their ultimate destination; I’m thrivingOn the precious oxygen coming from outside,Drop by drop at intervals; I cannot reach the mountain tops, norCan I fathom the oceans deep;I can’t traverse, even on dotted linesFrom one end to other of the globe;I can behold the rainbow colours,And … Continuă să citești My World is a Hollow Bottle


Your happiness is so infectious to all,As it reflects the bright sunshine,The coolness of the silvery moon smilingIn the dark nights travelling alone, theSoft crooning of the gentle winds, andThe shimmering ripples of silently flowing river; Your happiness is captivating as it flashesThe message for the world to knowThat this amazing feeling stems fromOur own heart, and not from outside; Happiness is a trait which … Continuă să citești Happiness

Inside my heart

Matters of the heart are keptSecured in a deep closet, notTo be leaked to anybody, even inadvertantly;Sometimes, your face betrays itAt the spur of the moment while tryingTo hide it before strangers casually; So far-reaching may be the consequences,If such matters come out in open,Many a time resulting in heartrending catastrophy;Lovers’ darts when misdirected bringMiserable times forcing them to rewriteLove’s universal and avowed philosophy; But … Continuă să citești Inside my heart

The sunset musings

The roving clouds are a treat to watch,They are changing colours from whiteTo golden and are assuming different looks;Sometimes they are animal-shaped, andOthertimes they look like blooming flowers;Their bright images are floating at theTime of sunset in the waterbody onThe earth along with the doomed fireball,The sun, in the passing hours of day-long journey;The calmly floating currents of water do appear,As a sheet of glass … Continuă să citești The sunset musings

The tears’ saga

I’m a woman with unstoppable tears,Rolling down my cheeks constantly,Falling at regular intervals down toEarth to be lost forever in anonymity; I’m wearing a garland of daggers sharp,Hurled at me by society’s conscience keepersFrom time to time; my pink and white bodyHas turned blue by the poisonous dartsOf my fellow beings; I have turned myselfInto a repository of longstanding venomSpewed forth against me in quantities … Continuă să citești The tears’ saga

I’m a lonely, lovely kite

Wandering lonely from here to thereAimlessly like the white clouds in the sky,Is my destiny-I’m a woman alwaysWaiting for golden handshake whichKeeps on eluding me like the shadows dark; Sky is looking bright azure with sunlightSpreading its magical charm, but I’mStanding by the side of my fashionable car,Quite alone seemingly for the ages gone by;There is none to hold my hand,And glide me through the … Continuă să citești I’m a lonely, lovely kite

The light of love

Let me explore the depth of loveIn your wistful eyes in the lightOf burning candles in this hour of night,Full of darkness looming over my vision; Let me look straight into your eyes,To feel the warmth of your love,Which may be either skin deep or bubbling in life with flesh and blood; I’m a beautiful and gorgeous diva,And love is oozing out from every poreOf … Continuă să citești The light of love

Poetry is life to me

Poetry is inscribing love storiesOver the ripples of timeWith the gentle strokes ofThe quills of redrose petals; Poetry is painting a broadAnd most charming smileOn the face of an innocent child,With the feathery fingers dippedIn warmest affection; Poetry is dulcet note,Finely scripted over the luscious lipsOf a beautiful woman coming out mirthfullyFrom her heart’s well-guarded closet; Poetry is the dark shadows ofIncessant pain and misery … Continuă să citești Poetry is life to me

Straight from a cock’s mouth

Oh, the nascent sun is heralding golden dawn,Alas! I have got up late in the morn;Is my age showing up orHave I relinquished my routine norm? People are not liking my shrill soundThese days and thereby preferring theMelodious tunes emanating from the clock,Which sings lullabies sweet, and are time bound; My progenies are not liking this job,As they dream of laying golden eggs;Doing a duty … Continuă să citești Straight from a cock’s mouth

Epitome of a Woman

She is the woman symbolizingThe best creation of God;She is the creator and enhancerOf human race; she donsMany masks in one life; She is the mother for her children,A character she plays with nearPerfection; she is the wife and runsThe home showing exceptional calibreAnd with distinction; she is the starIn her office and accomplish herTasks with utmost devotion; sheFlies the planes and runs the trains,And … Continuă să citești Epitome of a Woman

Not everybody’s cup of tea

Leading a life successfully and with contentmentIs not everybody’s cup of tea, it requiresA combination of many virtues joined togetherIn the crucible of our ancestral knowledgeAnd self-accumulated experience throughout the years; Many a times, the cup of tea isPlaced near us in solitude by the invisibleHands of Almighty, but we fail to holdThe cup and take a sip; similar isThe story of life when opportunities … Continuă să citești Not everybody’s cup of tea

In Search of Oasis

There was water all aroundNot long ago,We could see the bright imprintsOf the rising sunOn the ripples of flowing waters; We reached here traversing aLong distance,We are the migratory birds,The painted storks;Thousands of our flockHave moved in unknown directions;But only few amongst us remainedHere, because weLove this land, this waterbody; There is only a thin silver lineIn the name of water body left,Water is receding … Continuă să citești In Search of Oasis

Flights of Fancy

I’m a diva delving into flightsOf fancy into my dream world whereI’m cozily sitting on a milky couch,And just thinking over imponderables of life;My thoughts are rivetted to beautiful womenWho are condemned to most tragicLives, and whose plight is simply bone-chillingFull of indignities, insults, stress and strife;Is it due to prevailing social mores, orThe bad influence of any cosmic force? Even lovely maidens, well-educated and … Continuă să citești Flights of Fancy

Shores are not far away

Don’t part with me, O helmsman!The river of life is so treacherous andLong to navigate without the helpOf your benign oars; We are all sons of the soil, whoToil hard in uncharted territoriesIn search of livelihood away from ourRoots for the time unknown; Although crowd is large and boat is small,Everybody is in a hurry to reach home;Only you symbolize the hope for survivalBy ferrying … Continuă să citești Shores are not far away

Poetry by Rakesh Chandra

Spiritual connection Whenever I behold the snow-capped mountainPeaks basking in golden-yellow of the radiantSun, I feel the presence of someInvisible power who is running the showOn earth, all-pervading and so evident; My wanderlust pushes me to deep forests,Where the Mother Nature rules supreme;There I hear the melodious songs of brooks,And the roar of lions as well; whenI see the sun-rays coming through,Splitting the veil of … Continuă să citești Poetry by Rakesh Chandra

Masks are forever

We are the cultivators toiling hardIn our fields for better yields, butAnimals come from the wilds often, deprivingUs from the fruits of our unceasing labour;Sometimes, predators too, visit the fields, causingGrave injuries to our bodies or killing instantlyAny hapless soul in brazen and reckless manner; This is how we are wearing the masksIn broad daylight to confuse the animals;As though we are looking at them … Continuă să citești Masks are forever

It’s time to wake up

When climate is changing so rapidly,That survival of living beings is in peril;Snow-capped glaciers are melting down,Raising the temperature of the planet;It’s raining excessively everywhere,Causing flash-floods submerging habitats all around;Global warming is taking its toll, andForests, lush green and thick, are nowBurning inferno, fastly changing into graveyardsOf hapless animals roaming there like Nature’s bards; Human beings are inhaling toxic air in townsAnd cities in myriad … Continuă să citești It’s time to wake up

Reflections of Love

I’m a lovelorn diva, absorbed in deepReflection on the wavering journey of myUnflinching love that has gone haywire,Lost somewhere behind the veil of time; I’m waiting for long, lying aloof inBeautiful attire of beads of hope;Within the dark recesses of my mind,The fireflies of love keep on sparkling;Why the world around me is so dark?And where are the love-birds singing carols?Why the gentle cool breeze … Continuă să citești Reflections of Love

Poetry by Rakesh Chandra

Will of the Wind Wind is blowing all the way, fromNorth to south, and east to west;Who guides her motion, nobody knows,Her prowess is showcased at its best; Milky clouds glide on her wings,And kites follow her favourable lead;Trees and bushes dance on her tunes,andHumans enjoy the feel without caste or creed; Strong winds uproot the big trees so easily,While gentle breeze brings joy abounding;When … Continuă să citești Poetry by Rakesh Chandra

Letter to the lost moments

My dear lost moments,I am at this moment travelling down the memory lane. It was about 40 years ago when I was a student. My school days were not over. Attending the school and playing with friends were my regular pastime. Cricket and football were our favourite sports. There was a huge playground near my house where all the boys of the colony used to … Continuă să citești Letter to the lost moments

Poetry by Rakesh Chandra

He Came As A Stranger He came as a stranger, and sneakedInto my dreamland surreptitiously;Somehow, he read my mind’s opaque slate,Filled with worries and agonies galore; With a smiling face, he touched my eyes,And waved his magic wand to letMe explore the world with the glasses new;He pointed towards the clear blue sky,Where white clouds were sailing like boats;He let me hear the nightingale’s lilting … Continuă să citești Poetry by Rakesh Chandra

Plan and Implementation

For attaing success in life, two keywords are very essential, and crucial too-Plan and Implementation. In fact, both these words are complementary to each-other. This is not so that these two concepts are necessary to succeed in an official environment. In our daily life also, for running the routine family affairs, we need a good and sound plan, and a well thought out policy for … Continuă să citești Plan and Implementation

Poetry by Rakesh Chandra

A Riddle Called Life Life is a riddle for anybody to know,How to perform for getting the best;Or to perform when the iron is hot,In the hope of always riding the crest; Some may call it destiny, others may luck,For some it’s the frution of previous lives’Deeds; be it high and mighty or poor,Anybody, anywhere can get himself stuck; Who can dare to read the … Continuă să citești Poetry by Rakesh Chandra

The Ideal family

The Ideal family can be defined in different ways. For example, it can be seen in the light of family’s size. With the concept of prevailing population control norm, a small family of father-mother, and two progenies is considered to be ideal. In China, one-child norm is in practice. However, in the past, the family size was generally big, and people used to look down … Continuă să citești The Ideal family

Poetry by Rakesh Chandra

Humanity is nothing but Apple in God’s eyes Though all human beings are born free, and Equal, they grow up enchained in social mores; Only a magical wand of humanity can Surely heal the societal bleeding sores; Humanity is the jewel of human beings, Which always adorn their overall persona; This is the greatest quality to inculcate, and Imbibe, to cover up any characteristic lacuna; … Continuă să citești Poetry by Rakesh Chandra

Poetry by Rakesh Chandra

Mirth spreads from leaf to leaf Our red-coloured mirth knows no bounds, Well endorsed by our shining green contentment; The expanding patches of brown earth, Give us shelter deep within; We are the flowers of the garden of joy, Wallowing in Nature’s enticing revelry; Bright sunlight is kissing our vibrant exterior, And gentle breeze is brushing our dirt; Looking fresh and smiling is our credo, … Continuă să citești Poetry by Rakesh Chandra

Happiness is the only thing that multiplies when you shared it

Indeed, it is absolutely correct. Happiness multiply by sharing to others. In this world, everyone wants to be happy. But only a few know how to be happy. Instead, they try to make others unhappy by adopting negative attitude in all they say and do. In fact, negativity rules supreme in average people’s lives. If we are not happy, then how can others be happy, … Continuă să citești Happiness is the only thing that multiplies when you shared it

Poetry by Rakesh Chandra

In the wilds of passion fire Let the fires of passion be not doused By the gentle sermons of moral codes; I am engrossed from heart to soul In the sweetest dreams of sublime love; Let me breathe the refreshing aroma Of the enchanting fragrance wafting in the air; I feel mesmerised by the beats of music Divine, dancing on your quivering lips; Our lips … Continuă să citești Poetry by Rakesh Chandra