You are my Graceful Sunshine

Every morning the light shines through meAs your warmth of your heartjust slips into my soul You are a gift of GodTenderness of my heartYou are that beautiful seaCalming and relaxingAs you relax me every timeI am like a wild horsein a field untamed free running And through freezing daysyour beautiful wordsJust bringing me somewarmest of days You are my graceful lightYou are my sunshine … Continuă să citești You are my Graceful Sunshine

With the morning sun

I give to take my heartInto the road to lightFor thou shall beMy hopeful dream For thee I seeMy destinyFor every stepFor having been takenShall be there for meLike a flower in springtime bloomingLike a bird on a tree top singingLike a car driving on that roadLike those fish swimming in that seaGracefully .. Author: Petar Kostadinov© All rights reserved to the author Continuă să citești With the morning sun

I keep my heart at bay

(Chorus)I keep my heart at bayLike a heartbeat thunderThrough those skiesRaining through my soul drops It fills the sunshine with lifeIt fills the mornings with loveI am Gods cherished hopeI am Gods cherished miracle Greatest believable incredibleFor days that are brighterI see those pictures in the skiesPaintings that are beautifully craftedBy the hands of God (Chorus)I keep my heart at bayLike a heartbeat thunderThrough those … Continuă să citești I keep my heart at bay

Here I am

(Chorus)Here I am into this cityMy state of mindMy destiny that sea I swimFlowing through my heartbeat I know too well raining is a good thingBringing out springtime playing a greatHarmony And these good days Good timesGreat lights shining above meIn a blink of an eye stories are writtenFrom every poets heart (Chorus)Here I am into this cityMy state of mindMy destiny that sea I … Continuă să citești Here I am

How I wondered

Oh the light that shinesAbove those skies tonightOne star above maybe a planetOr a star that cradles above usCould be that beautiful Northern StarKeeping us safe?For you know blessings of the LordMiracles that he showsFor you know he has shown meThat star years ago on a onenighttime strollOh what a Glorious daysLooking so much brighter in time .. Author: Petar Kostadinov© All rights reserved to … Continuă să citești How I wondered


My heart is smoothMy soul is jazzyMy mind is stillInto the morningThe nighttimeis so peacefulThe sunset is soGracefully wishfulFor everything that riversSomewhere out thereBeauty surrendersAnd you are with meBy my side a beautiful roseSmiling back at meHolding my golden heartloving me with yours to keepYou are my golden rodSpringtime summertimeEven through winter timesFall time you are foreverhere with me as we flowLike a water stream … Continuă să citești Glistening


For even an hourIt clocks you in and outFor brink of a momentIt brings you out happily Days that are flourishedLike an apple on a treeSo pure and newSo much sweeter Incredible holidaysNot a day goes byFor which the roadFor it never bends Somewhere in the distanceSits a river flowingAll the nature inside it into the deepThey keep on breathing .. Author: Petar Kostadinov© All … Continuă să citești Time

How gracious

This Christmas I won’t be able to hugMy distant friends and familyI will have to rely on zooming throughmy iPhone And here in this promiseLonging for a heart beatSharing my love with my wifeWe only will miss our distanceOf our loved ones (Chorus)So to be here is greatest thingHow gracious is to be aliveMorning till nighttimeFlowing throughout the skyline Gods gift filling my graceWith treasure … Continuă să citești How gracious

The Road

It takes its talesThe snow covers itEvery wintery daysEvery Springtime breezeEvery Summers eveEvery falls tearsIt takes you placesThrough those skylinesTo see your familyTo see your friendsTo see your prizes and joysAnd as you see those lightsShining throughFlying you over the moonlightStarry nights flowing you freelyThat sun above just warms upYour dearly hearts .. Author: Petar Kostadinov© All rights reserved to the author Continuă să citești The Road

We must always endure

We must always endureFrom destiny of a songTo the morning skiesGifting eternally for eternityThe drifting of a new beginningThere is a moment through thoseHeavenly skies About its frameworkAs it stands outGracefully as graciousRiver run promise of a heartBeating aimlessly .. Author: Petar Kostadinov© All rights reserved to the author Continuă să citești We must always endure

The Ocean Is Wide

The ocean is wideThe sky is blueSomewhere in timeThere is sanity humanityLove and beauty When you think of the otherThat done you wrongJust keep your head up higherJust walk on stronger Every day is your birthdayEvery day is your first day to manyWritten stories in that book you keep onWriting steps you are taking .. Author: Petar Kostadinov© All rights reserved to the author Continuă să citești The Ocean Is Wide

Darkness through light

Through every hourAs the sea partsThe morning comesThe sun Rises in the eastIt sets in the westAs we approach those daysWhile we stand upAnd as we lay down at nighttimeYou know the reasonsWe pass through darknessWe pass through lightThere is greater hope to haveTo hear your faith and not fall at allAnd you reach out to your soulOne day at the timeYour heart keeps on … Continuă să citești Darkness through light