Poetry by Ashok Kumar Verma

To children for their right and peace O world! O future! O time!Take care every garden like a gardenerEach flower would spread fragrance of love and abilityTheir wonderful world: full of energy and unending beautyLet the mystic soul watch the the sweetest smiling flowersDivine eyes looking their intellectual energy and powersHelp them to be brave and courageous for every landHold their hands carefully, develop their … Continuă să citești Poetry by Ashok Kumar Verma

Lord knows the thoughts of wise

No bar, no boundNot at all, critics cryI shall continue praise him till I dieLet me avoid all quacksSoul doesn’t believe in nepotism and in cracksWise know the tact; forgive enemiesLet them go ahead without any worriesTruth fears no testJealous have no restHumble heart experiences AlmightyIn his light, there’s true beautyLet the wonderful world wagLet me put my head and heart into my wok; not … Continuă să citești Lord knows the thoughts of wise

Dr. Fely Rose M. Nacario’s review of the book “Trouvaille”

“Trouvaille” (An International Anthology of Poems) published by Books Clinic, Chhatisgarh, India has been compiled and edited by Dr. Alok Kumar Ray, a versatile bilingual poet of the contemporary literary world. This book contains 75 English poems written by poets across nation states (each poet contributed 5 poems). Dr. Ray has translated 15 poems (one of each poet) out of them into Odia language. “Trouvaille” … Continuă să citești Dr. Fely Rose M. Nacario’s review of the book “Trouvaille”

Let me enjoy energy

I enjoy mysterious world believe it or notThree things amazed me; unending thoughtsMisanthropist and atheist can’t peep into my bookSilently strange critics have a critical lookThey moan in the fair breeze and in his sun lightLinguists they are but optimistic I’mIlluminated by his mystical light like the sunI smell nepotism in their notorious sincerityTo me energy, universe and souls have true infinityI listen songs of … Continuă să citești Let me enjoy energy

Let me deal with the sorrows perfectly

Pain hurts me a lot badlyLet me deal with him perfectlyHappy I’m laughing, playing with pearls, like a legendBrain is marvelous but not superstitusSweet soft soul believes in fearlessness; has love for mankindPeace is in Spirituality; eridicate judiciously all enemiesTo smell a rat nip in the bud who brings worriesLike a snake in the grass but to fall flat I’mBathing soul going down in the … Continuă să citești Let me deal with the sorrows perfectly

My journey is my inspiration

Let me flow like a river with full of energy and motivationFor enjoying every moment of love with passionMy silence and smile make me fresh every dayLet me not to bite on granite to be happy and gayAs I flow I feel that divine glowSweet soft soul walk with a goalI was born to play my roleI never complaint to anyoneMy heart knows the process … Continuă să citești My journey is my inspiration

Men and machine

How happy we were in those days?Without modern gadgetsUsed to busy in goships for long timeWere not in the rat raceTo sit in the company of eldersFor discussing our problemsWithout stress and anxietyUsed to laugh loudly for better heart and soulBread and butter was only one goalTime is changedHuman beings are changed,changed their requirementsFive G is available with harmful effectsOh, EMF and deterioration of environment!Oh, … Continuă să citești Men and machine

Oxygen of the divine soul

Let me inhale, exhale poetryWithout it I can’t imagine my lifeLungs can’t breathe without rhythm and rhymeFace is dull without poetic shineIt’s source of delight, value of love and prosperityIt makes witty, blessed the thoughts of mankind to my mindLet me walk together full of energy and motivationPoetry is my life my divine passionLet’s pray to Almighty for trilogy; his best creation .. Author: Ashok … Continuă să citești Oxygen of the divine soul

On the road of perdition…?

Who has built this path?Almighty sent us free from all greedWhy do we kill human in the name of progress?Why, nuclear weapons our needDon’t we go on the path of peace?It will never teasePatience, consistency; required to reach our destinationLet’s leave behind the destructionGo hand in hand for new constructionThink today for better tomorrowStop! Stop! Stop warEyes don’t want to see red scarsOh! perdition of … Continuă să citești On the road of perdition…?

Poetry by Ashok Kumar Verma

The spring of life From the depth of water and from the narrow streetsSweet soft soul only wants to greetDark clouds and drops of rainQuench my thirst, gives relief from painLet me learn from epitome of patienceEternal joys on the eden full of essenceA fleet of ships moving into the ocean of lifeA series of events occurred during the strifeLet me make a garland of … Continuă să citești Poetry by Ashok Kumar Verma

Never loss hope

Falling many time,not a crimeThe sun, the moon take time to shineThe darkest clouds hide their lightAfter dark night every morning is brightEnjoy the battlefield of lifeNever loss hope in strifeIf one door closedwalk for another; it’s our choiceFlow like the airAccept challenges if you have dareCowards are manyBraves are rareLife is like a beautiful fairlet’s learn from naturecan’t we be better creature?How can we … Continuă să citești Never loss hope

Poetry by Ashok Kumar Verma

Bird with strong feathers I saw her in those daysLike winter’s moon; in the bright raysHow she approached the wonderful world knowsBroken wings by dominant kingsTaste of tears; unending fearsOh! that battlefield and those fightersEveryone saw those prancing tigersCan we forget heavenly fragrance?Her loveliness and unending essenceMusic of her love and lyricsDivine beauty with coral lipsEternal joys of the spirit’s kissI see her now in … Continuă să citești Poetry by Ashok Kumar Verma

Poetry by Ashok Kumar Verma

Be happy always Nature teaches us how to balanceNo matter sorrows or happinessAlways smile, desire to get essenceMelodious music of riverFlow patiently as like as the airBe the rock held your head highLook at the stars who shine in the infinite skyRemember only strong feathers can fly Poem in Hindi: हमेशा खुश रहो प्रकृति हमें संतुलन बनाना सिखाती हैकोई बात नहीं दुख हो या सुखहमेशा … Continuă să citești Poetry by Ashok Kumar Verma

Don’t lose any one

Love isn’t a funSacrifice is a gumLife isn’t a punWhole world is oursEnemy, noneAsk, search our engineLove, trust are its fuelLife is preciousDon’t lose anyone Poem in Hindi: किसी को भी नही खोना ! प्यार कोई मज़ाक नहींबलिदान एक गम(जोडने वाला ) हैजीवन एक दंड नहीं हैपूरी दुनिया हमारी हैकोई शत्रु, नहींपूछो, हमारे इंजन से खोज करेंप्यार, भरोसा इसके ईंधन हैजीवन अनमोल हैकिसी को भी … Continuă să citești Don’t lose any one

Poetry by Ashok Kumar Verma

To the wonderful world You come in life as the divine rainForget the worldly painYou taught a lovely lessonSweet soft soul has passionEvery flower of my garden has smile on his faceI don’t believe in the rat raceLife is journey make it memorableSome are failures, a few are ableSing songs of love and generosityGo hand in hand for integrityLet’s enjoy his bright lightDon’t waste our … Continuă să citești Poetry by Ashok Kumar Verma

Humanity through spirituality

Heart smiles when sees his amazing lightI see everyday the sun beams brightLeave those who are in favour of warsThey give us red scarsLet me be a universal soulLet’s have faith in him to achieve our goalLet’s enjoy the fresh airTogether we can face any challenge with dareCowards move toand fro brave are rareSpirituality is golden death is silenceMysticism is full of divine fragranceLet’s look … Continuă să citești Humanity through spirituality

Poetry by Ashok Kumar Verma

Unending ocean Soft soul sails in the divine water of this oceanHere’s comforts, here’s no painFar far away from stress and strainHe’s so kind, lovelable his lapFlying I’m like a bird here’s no trapDancing soul with a vision, with a great goalLike a visitor visiting I’m with playing valuable roleTaste of pure nectar full of tranquilityHere’s paradise fragrance of eternityDivine eyes watch nothing only true … Continuă să citești Poetry by Ashok Kumar Verma

Hidden corner of Universe

Let’s know perfectly the narrower world of egotismI’m the priest of poetry believe in onenessI celebrate unity, sing melodious songs of brotherhoodLet me breathe the fragrance of loveI’m mad for universalityThe divine mystery help us to taste nectar of immortalityI’m from many nations, salute to all passionBelieve in Nature beautiful almighty creation .. Author: Ashok Kumar VermaIndia© All rights reserved to the author Continuă să citești Hidden corner of Universe

A light of hope

Come with me, take a valuable oathTo leave ego, selfishness and hateIn these occassions to change our fateLet’s do whatever we do with a vision and passion There will be Ramrajya once againWet under the infinite sky in the divine rainFill courage in all flowers: garden will be full of fragranceLet me listen the music of sweet souls Be florists to purchase millions of humble … Continuă să citești A light of hope

Poetry by Ashok Kumar Verma

Mission of integrity CAN we strain peace and tranquility? It comes from heaven like divine rain It’s true divinity It bless all who are in pain Integrity is above hate Let’s go hand in hand To change our fate Here’s Peace, here’s prosperity Live our life for humanity Together we can… Now we will pray for peace and prosperity For once in this beautiful Eden … Continuă să citești Poetry by Ashok Kumar Verma

Poetry by Ashok Kumar Verma

The seeds of success It’s a fertile land Dig it with dream Plough it with efforts Sow the seeds in its womb Nurture them with a vision Say to humble heart; not keep any confusion Where success is passion Care with full of enthusiasm Success has its own charm It need the sun and the wind The plants are so beautiful They would give us … Continuă să citești Poetry by Ashok Kumar Verma

Poetry by Ashok Kumar Verma

An angel of literature (For professor Nagasuseela Panchumarthi Panchumarthi) She loves the land of delight Her heart is a book of poetry as beam bright Walking on a mission day and night I see spontaneity, purity in her divine eyes Nature love such flower who is noble and wise We see the beauty in his art She is in the Eden as his part She … Continuă să citești Poetry by Ashok Kumar Verma

At the dark night

Their tears couldn’t sleep me whole night pain is so bright Ah! It’s his light Oh! I’m restless they are sleeping in their graves No, boundation of age Wherever eyes see see all faded flowers Heart is thirsty for his rain Soul can’t bear their pain How cruel the great Wall! It’s a great loss of mankind .. Author: Ashok Kumar Verma India © All … Continuă să citești At the dark night