Poetry by Ashok Kumar Verma

To children for their right and peace

O world! O future! O time!
Take care every garden like a gardener
Each flower would spread fragrance of love and ability
Their wonderful world: full of energy and unending beauty
Let the mystic soul watch the the sweetest smiling flowers
Divine eyes looking their intellectual energy and powers
Help them to be brave and courageous for every land
Hold their hands carefully, develop their talents
I feel ecstasy to see their strong wings
All flowers are like leaders: future kings
O world! don’t break their feathers
They are lovely, valuable creatures
O Almighty! Pray to thee for their bright future
O human! let them dance on their floors
Love their peace and prosperity by divine heart’s cores
My life and pen would smile with their fragrance
Humble heart would bounce with their essence

Every moment is precious for humanity

Every moment of love and generosity; full of energy with courageous activity
Immortal souls enjoy brotherhood, peace and prosperity
Like a man of conscience let me drink the nectar of spirituality
To feel pain behind happiness; real ability

Let me watch every flower’s beauty with divinity
Sweet soft, mystic soul feels proud to see all flowers prosperity
Every nation is my home; need of justice and equality
Self awareness, gratitude, empathy; spirits beauty

Let’s pray to Almighty; miracles occurred when he helps us in our activity
Let’s be firm; go ahead on the path of universality and humanity
Energetic mystic soul feels ecstasy to see all young birds flying in the infinite sky
Like a peacock let me dance with all petals of flowers before die


Author: Ashok Kumar Verma
© All rights reserved to the author

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