Poezii de Mónika Tóth

amintire mi-a înflorit teiul din grădinămireasma florilorîmi aminteşte de tine roua desenează o steapentru tine Vasile te-am căutat să-ți spungerul desenează o floareroua desenează o steaam chef să cântși să vorbesc cu tine te ador te adorVenele-mi sunt pline cu versuridespre tine. noapte de vară noapte de varăundevao vioară cântă privesc vară ploiasă-privesc tristă prin geamulsufrageriei azi azio floare de teiîmi ţineinima în braţezâmbesc copilărie … Continuă să citești Poezii de Mónika Tóth

When you hide emotions

Words of mouth articulate them though,Emotions pop up from our heart;Some of them may please the listener,While others hurt people like a dart. More than often, we feel crushed,When our mind intervenes effectively;To express them or not at anyMoment, needs to be handled diplomatically. Hidden emotions can’t be secured forLong within the four corners of heart;Venting is desired from time to time,Or it may upset … Continuă să citești When you hide emotions

You are my Graceful Sunshine

Every morning the light shines through meAs your warmth of your heartjust slips into my soul You are a gift of GodTenderness of my heartYou are that beautiful seaCalming and relaxingAs you relax me every timeI am like a wild horsein a field untamed free running And through freezing daysyour beautiful wordsJust bringing me somewarmest of days You are my graceful lightYou are my sunshine … Continuă să citești You are my Graceful Sunshine

Poetry by Ashok Kumar Verma

To children for their right and peace O world! O future! O time!Take care every garden like a gardenerEach flower would spread fragrance of love and abilityTheir wonderful world: full of energy and unending beautyLet the mystic soul watch the the sweetest smiling flowersDivine eyes looking their intellectual energy and powersHelp them to be brave and courageous for every landHold their hands carefully, develop their … Continuă să citești Poetry by Ashok Kumar Verma