Life and death

Life and death are the two facets
Of eternal conflict raging into our minds
And hearts tormenting us until
Death snatches life all of sudden,
In a silent manner leaving before our soul
The option to find a new home;

So, death personifies life in another form,
When our soul enters a new body,
Succumbing to the cycle of birth and rebirth;

Sometimes even life personifies the death,
For whom the bell tolls,
Living in utmost fear generated by
Life’s dicey twists and turns;
Such people meekly surrender to destiny’s
Call and begin to die slowly everyday;

When life wears the black shroud;
It stops with jerks signifying death;
Both are parts of the same coin,
It depends on how we think about.


Author: Rakesh Chandra
© All rights reserved to the author

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