Law of attraction

I was then a student of high school. In my house, there was created a separate space for me and a study desk was put there in a narrow but big room. One day, it was evening time and I had started to revise my class lectures. Suddenly, she came to my room. She was my neighbourhood friend studying in the same class. It was not an uncommon site as we both were friends, and also neighbours. She used to come generally in connection with studies.
But that day was unusual. I was writing something on a sheet of paper. She tried to say something by trying to touch my hand. But her fingers touched mine first. I instantly felt a sudden jolt as though I had touched a live electric wire! In the heat of moment, I could not surmise what actually happened. I stood up from my chair holding her hand into my hand. For some time, we both were standing transfixed in a deep but short riverie. Suddenly, my sister called me up for dinner. She smiled beautifully and left the place immediately.
After this incident, she always smiled at me whenever she came to my house. Gradually, I became addictive of her smile and waited eagerly for her arrival.
One evening at the time of leaving my place, she invited me to come out by the motion of her eyes. I mechanically followed her instruction. Appurtenant to my house, there was a medium size Chandni tree which was in full bloom with the magnificent shining white flowers. The foliage of the tree was just like an umbrella. She was standing there. I went nearer her and before I could utter any word, she clasped me in her arms and started kissing me on my lips. This was a first experience of this kind for me. However. I also felt immersed into the act feeling immense joy and pleasure. The whole act lasted for few minutes. But I was apprehensive of my family members so I thought it better to say her bye. She smiled at me mysteriously and went away from the premises. This became a daily practice for us.
However, these blissful rendezvous were not to continue for long. Her father found a suitable match for her and married her to a spouse who was living in a far off village. He belonged to a peasant family. But astonishingly, she did not raise her voice against it, though she was a city-bred girl.
After some time, she returned to her parents’ place for a brief period. Again she was feeling cool and happy. There was no sign of lost love or anything like that. She met me with enviable composure. I was taken aback. It was more so as after her departure to groom’s land, I was feeling very sad and lovelorn. Even I was not able to concentrate on my studies. She went back shortly to her husband’s place after taking a break for a while.
Many years have elapsed since this brief affair actually happened. I still wonder whether it was love at first sight or merely teenage attraction! If at all it was love, it was unilateral, from my side only. Whatever it was, I feel joyous to think of that brief affair and also feel unhappy, at the same time, that I lost some precious time of my study phase had this affair not taken place. But our destiny plays its own games!


Author: Rakesh Chandra
© All rights reserved to the author

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