Flights of fancy

Everyday, the golden dawn gatecrashes
The sanctum sanctorum of my heart,
Goading me to chase the flying birds of
Passion; the time river quietly flows,
Reflecting the sunshine of ever-cherished hope
Of getting somebody’s love in abundance;

My body, slender and loving, is yearning
To indulge wholeheartedly in the cosmic
Dance where the nature, earth and the
Whole universe are dancing to the
Rhythmic tunes played by the quintessential
Pied Piper, the invisible musician, who
Guides us incessantly to follow right
Steps on every beat;

I’m waiting eagerly for the sunset hues,
When the frolicking birds will go back
To their cozy nests; even resplendent sun
Will quietly relapse into the bosom of ocean
Deep; only my eyes will be busy
In searching the signs of raised dust
Of horses’ hooves coming from distant horizon;
I’ll be looking for my Prince Charming
Coming to me saddled firmly on a horseback,
Who will bring me a treasure-trove of joy abounding;

Alas! My lovely wishes are shattered now,
I could not read properly the writing on the
Wall; the night is advancing cloaked in
Apron dark, enveloping my whole self,
And turning me into a living ghost;

There are no sounds of galloping horses,
Nor is there any lovelorn beau;
Birds of passage have flown together
Into the realm of void deep;
Only my ghostly shroud will roam
Through the night in the hope
Of arrival of another dawn, once more.


Author: Rakesh Chandra
© All rights reserved to the author

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