Dr. Fely Rose M. Nacario’s review of the book “Trouvaille”

“Trouvaille” (An International Anthology of Poems) published by Books Clinic, Chhatisgarh, India has been compiled and edited by Dr. Alok Kumar Ray, a versatile bilingual poet of the contemporary literary world. This book contains 75 English poems written by poets across nation states (each poet contributed 5 poems). Dr. Ray has translated 15 poems (one of each poet) out of them into Odia language. “Trouvaille” provides a literary platform for poets from east and west to work in unison. In an age of uncertainties that challenge even the very existence of human beings, this book prepares a fertile ground to upheld universality, fraternity, harmony and mutual understanding.
This international Anthology of Poems, “Trouvaille”, presents a multi-faceted face of life, its wonders, experiences, memories, emotions, all wrapped up in verses of rhyme and rhythm. Readers of this book will perceive definitely how thoughts like waves touch the mind’s shore that overpowers even geo-political and socio-cultural nitty-gritty. Looking into the constraints in time and space, the reviewer has chosen to to go through only selective English poems but justice has not been denied to any of the participating poets.
Bharati Nayak uses metaphor in comparing words as waves, perfect traitors, comparing self as a flower vase that exudes smile through flowers, hurt, cut when pale, thrown depicting life as one grows old and dies. In Silence, no words are needed for two hearts who are in love.
Gangalaxmi Patnaik speaks of unconditional love, that is love for self and others, raised in trials, we are all like seeds of humanity. In Being in a Mask, the pandemic Covid 19 finds its way in verses, a constant reminder to follow protocols of wearing face mask, face shield and keep social distancing.
Ven Lyn Valdez’s poems speak of love found, one lasting love is an unforgettable thing that is beyond time. In Silence, she mentions the fear, tears and dark nights one goes through, the broken wings experienced. However, in Beyond Heaven there is faith, beauty and dreams.
Through The Mind, Johanna Devadayavu pictures mind as an active, powerful force, and the seat of love. She advises the readers to “let your heart marry your mind”, meaning to make both fcaulties work together. Also, make the mind be „the seat of Love”.
Sreedharan Parokode’s “Will” Will Overpower presents daily life scenario where each one was performing his affairs as usual but suddenly changed when coronavirus has plagued the world. In “My Dreams”, she gives a glance through her colorful verse that speaks of service to humanity.
Sujata Mishra’s „Let Me” is a verse from the heart, colorful memories of an affectionate encounter. The wonder of “Rain” is depicted in verse, projects a mirthful creation.
Samar Pratap Singh’s „The Migrant Labourers”, speaks of how each man does his role to feed his family as life goes on, but inevitable event occurred with coronavirus pandemic. Many are locked inside the four corners of their house during quarantine. Rhyming words create a beat and music in the ears of readers in Fleeting Flora, a scenic picture of how blissful and delightful is nature.
“fleeting flora retarded through glades
When men ripped off with blades
Laughing the fragrant greenery
Cattle and shepherd’s scenery”
B.S. Saroja’s “Music of Life” reverberates dreams, with many duties and pains in life. Courage is needed for the self, cry not, face the storm, light of hope awaits.
Sonia Batra’s “Seducer is Seduced”, uses repetition as tool in poetry. Her technique creating rhythmic verse with rhyming words, Batra speaks of love encounter, as couples indulge in sensuous pleasures.
“Seducer is seduced
Charmer is charmed”
In Manjula Asthana Mohanti’s Freedom, we have dreams as free as the open sky, as high as the birds can fly. These dreams are our aspirations, but now in silence, they seem caged due to calamities and pandemic. Despite this, there is hope as for God’s mercy is endless, as we breathe fresh air from an open window.
Richa Anand in her poem “The Book of My life” compares life to that of a book, the pages are the years we lived and all the memories we made. There is the interplay of two forces, created by nature, events and people we encounter. There is destination. There is an aim for perfection as journey goes on.
Dr. Anu Girdhar’s “Celebrate the Differences” contains powerful rhyme, like a cadence in a song. Accepting others’ differences is a must especially for one’s partner in life, to create a great marriage. In “Dreams” Girdhar speaks of the spirit that is willing to create dreams in life, dreams of service to others, giving love, sharing harmony, peace and encouragement.
In “Celebration of Love” Engineer Bhabagrahi Malla uses the power of metaphor in his creative verse where a lover renders adulation to his beloved. In “Colourful Friendship”, when friends meet, they break their differences, strike down their boundaries. With trust, they paint their friendship with their pure hearts.
In “Stardust”, Joanna Svensson speaks of unselfish love characterized by tenderness and devotion. The poet uses powerful metaphor, “silver hair of night, stars all held their breath”
In Francesco Favetta’s „For Love”, love is personified as self gets immersed in it. L like waves drowning the self, so is love. The self rises, finding meaning as it allows itself to be found by love, to grow, open itself and bloom like a flower for all seasons.
At last it can be said that, this amalgamation of poetry consists of ample promises for the future.Therefore let it become „Trouvaille” literally in the vast world of poesy.


Author of the review: Dr. Fely Rose M. Nacario
© All rights reserved to the author

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